12/13 5:07pm

Rumors of my death may have been slightly exaggerated…..


SHD Agent file 21084791: Final entry

Strategic Homeland Division

Agent file: 21084791

Final entry. 
Jackson Newton was found dead 02/21/2017 at 6:54am in front of the Base of Operations. His body was apparently dumped there in the middle of the night during the JTF security officer shift change. The autopsy report shows his death was do to blunt force trauma to the skull although there were also multiple gun shot and stab wounds. Defensive wounds also showed there was a major struggle prior to his death. A flash drive was found on his person with evidence showing he was killed by Arron Keener, Alan Porter and two unnamed Hunters. Although most of what is in the flash drive has been redacted we know that while staking out the apartment where Alan Porter was believed to be using as a safe house Keener, Porter and the two Hunters ambushed Newton. He was tortured for more than forty eight hours for information about the Divisions plans for the Dark Zone and what they knew about Keener. To the best of our knowledge no information was given. 

Jackson Newton was a superior agent and although his methods were some times questionable he always carried out his orders. Not having him in the field will be a great lose to the SHD. 
SHD Commander   

           Faye Lau

02/10 11:13pmĀ 

The Intel I pulled out of Bluebird seemed to have panned out. I guess when you start breaking someone’s joints one at a time eventually they will tell you the truth. The apartment building where Bluebird said I would find Allen does show signs that someone has been living there. I must have just missed him because there was a smoldering cigarette on the floor. While I wait for his return I’m going to sit quietly and contemplate how exactly to end his miserable life. My time in Bolivia taught me a ton of ways to make people talk. Bluebird found this out and so will Allen. I will know how to find Keener by the time I’m done with him. I’m really going to enjoy our time together. 

02/09 9:22am

The look on Benitez face as I described in detail how I disposed of Bluebird and thier team was priceless. If you send a man out with the sole purpose of executing another human being did you really thinking it wasn’t going to be messy. Did you think I was going to kill them with kindness? When I was done he sat in silence for a while. He then looked up and asked if I was able to get any useful Intel before I killed all of them. I went on to tell him that Bluebird not only gave up the locations of other rogue agents but advised me that Allen was not only alive and well but had in fact turned rogue and joined up with Keener. He also admitted to killing Lisa and Jacob. Lastly he let me know, with a shit eating toothless grin on his face that Allen apparently was looking for me. Benitez then asked, “did you really need to do all that to them just to get that Intel?” “Probably not” I answered. “Then why do it” he asked. “Why not” I answered. He told me to leave and go talk with Faye as she had been waiting for me to return. Something about finally joining up with this new team. I of course did none of that and headed straight back out with only one goal in mind. Find and kill Allen and Aaron Keener. 

01/29 1:42am

I knew when Benitez started our conversation with “I’ve been told you don’t mind a little wet work” his request was going to be something I might need to keep to myself. He went on to explain how a rogue agent know only as Bluebird along with a team of LMB have been ambushing JTF patrols. To date more than forty JTF soldiers have died at the hands of this murderous group. He said, “I don’t want to know what you do just promise me it will take a long time for them to die”. Apparently my exploits in the field have caught up with me. Tomorrow there is a group heading out to investigate the area where the last ambush took place. I hate to think of them as bait but if you want to catch a predator sometimes you have to chum the waters. 

01/28 6:43am

These supposed “High Value Targets” have been a great source of Intel for the JTF and the Division. For every one we track down and eliminate we learn about 3 more that are out there. I keep telling myself that what I’m doing is for the greater good. When I am sent after a member of the Cleaner or Rikers or the LMB I feel no remorse what so ever watching them die. They don’t even register as people to me. Their screams don’t keep me awake at night. However, when I am sent out after a person, the people we are told are the “Rioters”, I can’t help but to be snapped back into reality. All we are really doing is hunting down and extinguishing human lives. 

01/26 9:31am

I’ve been informed that the push into the northern part of the DZ has been pushed back along with my promotion to squad leader. “Promotion”, what a joke. As agents we’re trained to work alone and yet since I’ve been here they’ve tried to put me in with two different teams. It never really worked out for the first group. Which reminds me, I still need to find out what happen to Allen. 

Now I’m being sent out, thankfully alone this time, to hunt down and capture or kill a list of high value targets. I had to laugh when they were briefing me for this mission. High Value, they barely put value on any human life. What makes this list of assholes so special. My hunt begins tomorrow. I’m pretty sure most of these HVT’s won’t end up on the “capture” side of my orders.