01/07 8:42pm

Faye sent me down into the Underground to seek out an LMB HVT who is trying pick up where Bliss left off. From the intel we have this piece of shit was instrumental in getting all the factions together in their search for Keener. My hope is that if I can find this guy I can aggressively convince him to tell me everything he knows about Keener’s whereabouts. I’ve been paired up with three other agents, John, Eric and a guy they just call Crow. Faye says they have been on the trail of this guy for a while now and they know their way around the Underground. I guess she forgot where I’ve been for the last year. I’ve looked into these three and they seem to be pretty solid agents. I met my new squad in the elevator heading down to the TOC. Laughing and shaking my hand Eric asked if I was “ready to get bloody”. “We’re covered in blood until we’re covered in our own blood”, I replied. The three just stared at me. This is going to be an interesting hunt.


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