12/24 6:35pm

The look on Lau and Benitez’s face when I walked into the B.O.O. this evening was priceless. Neither one of them found my “Merry Christmas, it’s been a while” remotely funny. They had a lot of questions most of which I couldn’t or wouldn’t answer. Watching the video of my torture was in a way laughable. Truth be told I should be dead but what that video failed to show was the gun battle between Agents and Cleaners just outside the building I was in that cut short Keener’s night of fun. I explained how a group of civilians found me clinging to life, brought me to a civilian safe house deep with in the subway and with the help of a local Veterinarian basically saved my life. I had spent the last year helping these “Underground” people find supplies and stay out of harms way. News made its way down to us that all of the warring factions had started to work together out by the West Side Pier and something inside told me I needed to get back in the fight. Needless to say no one is entirely happy with me but at this point they need all of the help they can get. I asked Lau why they didn’t notice that the body dumped at the B.O.O. did have any of the tattoos documented in my file. “The JTF handled your autopsy so you tell me” she said. Benitez didn’t find it funny but I had a chuckle.


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