02/09 9:22am

The look on Benitez face as I described in detail how I disposed of Bluebird and thier team was priceless. If you send a man out with the sole purpose of executing another human being did you really thinking it wasn’t going to be messy. Did you think I was going to kill them with kindness? When I was done he sat in silence for a while. He then looked up and asked if I was able to get any useful Intel before I killed all of them. I went on to tell him that Bluebird not only gave up the locations of other rogue agents but advised me that Allen was not only alive and well but had in fact turned rogue and joined up with Keener. He also admitted to killing Lisa and Jacob. Lastly he let me know, with a shit eating toothless grin on his face that Allen apparently was looking for me. Benitez then asked, “did you really need to do all that to them just to get that Intel?” “Probably not” I answered. “Then why do it” he asked. “Why not” I answered. He told me to leave and go talk with Faye as she had been waiting for me to return. Something about finally joining up with this new team. I of course did none of that and headed straight back out with only one goal in mind. Find and kill Allen and Aaron Keener. 


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