01/24 2:39pm

I’ve spent the last two days drying out in the infirmary at the B.O.O. I confided in Faye about how I’ve been feeling and some of the things I’ve had to do. I won’t say she was entirely happy with me however she understood. There is talk about opening up the northern part of the DZ and Faye wants me to lead a team to explore it. I did what I could to get out of it but she insisted it just might be the structure that I need right now. I will be meeting up with my new squad in a few days at the lower west DZ check point. I told Faye I needed to run these guys through the ringer if I was going to trust them in unexplored territory. She tried to joke and said, “just don’t kill any of them”. I told her I’d do my best but couldn’t make any promises. Maybe it was the look on my face but she didn’t find my reply as funny as I did. 


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