01/22 9:31am

It’s been a few days since I had any communications with anyone in the Division. Mostly because I’ve been on a bender. I blew the back door of a liquor store and was able for scrounge up some cheap swill. It’s piss water but it got the job done. Now I sit here nursing the hangover shit booze inevitably gives you, hating myself for doing this. I’m lost right now. Not lost in the city but in my mind. Dr Kandel, the virologist tasked with finding a cure for this plague thinks she may be making headway but all I can think is, what about what we’ve done to this city, to all these people. ISAC has been talking to me non stop the last few hours. I guess the boss lady has been looking for me. Maybe I should just go in and talk to her. She could help me deal with all this. She could also have me locked up. She could try


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