01/20 5:40am

I’ve been awake for almost 48hrs. The trail for Keener has gone cold. I was able to track him down to a building on the corner of 10th Ave. & W 23rd St. In what looked like an abandon apartment turn make shift lab above some psychic shop I found what seemed to be a message from Keener directed at me. Did he know I was looking for him? Did he know the inner turmoil I’ve been going through? Did he have the same mental break and that’s why he turned on The Division? No, he’s a psychotic killer and I’m a soldier, I help people. He’s a murderer for money. We are not the same, we’re not. 
He was right though, there is more we could have and should have done. Why did the Division bind our hands? Why didn’t they let the first wave save the DZ? The second wave should have been called up earlier, gone in to help them. All those people we let die. All the ones we’ve killed ourselves. Am I a solider? Who did I really help? I came here to make things right. To bring order to chaos. All I brought was mayhem and death. I should have never answered this fucking watch. Fuck this watch, fuck Keener, fuck the Division. Fuck me I’m tired.


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