12/26 12:41pm

Faye, our broken fearless leader told me to join up with a squad of agents who recently lost one of their team. I told her I’m better off alone but it was one of those, “I’m not asking, I’m telling” situations. This squad is made up of two men, Alan and Jacob and a woman, Lisa. Jacob is a truck of a man, just a massive human being. They even called him Truck which is ironic. Lisa, who is a short, dark haired woman with a large scar across one cheek. She seems nice enough. She caught me writing in here and asked what I was “jotting down in my little book”. Before I could make something up Alan asked, “keeping track of your kills? I just notch my stock.” I laughed it off and the subject was dropped. I’m not too sure about this Alan guy. Seems like kinda a d-bag to me. Most agents keep their past to themselves but he loves to share. Maybe he just misses Facebook. He is definitely his own biggest fan. I’m going to keep an eye on him. I told them I’d meet up later on as I was grabbing some supplies and going to try and find the shoe lady from the other night.


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