12/25 11:23pm

I found an abandoned apartment to hold up in for the night. Abandoned, that pretty much describes all of NYC at this point. Other than looters, I think I saw a total of three people today, three. Two people were fighting over something, cigarettes I think. I tried to talk with them, see if I could help but as soon as they saw me they ran. I guess I do look kind of scary to most people. It doesn’t help that there are roving gangs robbing and shooting people. This city is dying and these assholes think they need new sneakers. I’ve been in Manhattan for less than 48hrs and I’ve had to kill eleven people already. People who were just trying to survive. Yes, they were trying to hurt others and yes, I guess they deserved to be stopped but I’m just saying I get it. Some people get to that “by any means necessary” place faster than others. I also met a woman in the building I’m in now. She actually tried to trade me her shoes for some water. It’s freezing outside and this woman was so desperate for water she was willing to give up the shoes on her feet. I told her to keep them and I gave her all of the water I had. She hugged me, we cried for a bit, she headed off. I never got her name. Tomorrow I’m going to head north. There are apparently escapees from Rikers Island causing issue there. Oh yeah, Merry Christmas.


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