12/23 4:34am

My name is Jackson Newton. Most people just call me Jack. I’m nobody, a bar owner from the Bronx with a bit of a drinking problem. Today I was woken up by a pulsating orange glow. It’s the sign I never wanted to get. I honestly don’t know why they wanted me, why they trust me or what good I can do. It’s true that I’m very good at the things they want me for but I am so broken mentally I don’t think I should be going. Not answering the call could have dire consequences I’m sure. My past life taught me the skills to get through almost anything. Maybe I shouldn’t have used them to pass all of their psychological exams. Maybe I should have just told them up front, “I’m not your guy, find someone else”. Maybe all of the things I’ve seen and done have destroyed me inside. Maybe that’s exactly why they wanted me. Maybe I should just stop being such a pussy, get my head out of my ass and realize that the world is dying and I have the ability to help. My issues really do seem meaningless in comparison to the possible eradication of an entire city. My past life has given me the tools to help people who can’t help themselves. Once I get to Brooklyn I should be able to find out just how bad things really are. I’d say something profound here like “god help us all” but I’m pretty sure he stopped listening on Black Friday.


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