01/18 11:12pm

I have spent the last 24plus hours in the DZ looking for information on the whereabouts of Arron Keener. The people I have questioned didn’t seem to be of any help. Granted most of them were pieces of shit. Few Rikers and Cleaners mostly. No matter what I did to these guys none of them wanted to talk. Scream, cry and beg me to stop, sure but no one wanted to offer any useful information. Maybe they actually didn’t know anything. Honestly, I don’t care. There are reports that Keener was working with the head of the LMB, Col. Bliss so I’ll head north tomorrow and see if any of the Little Mommas Boys want to talk to me. Rumor has it that the LMB grunts have put a price on my head after what I did to Michael Vick. Let them try and collect that bounty. Let them come. I’ll get my pound of flesh before that check can be cashed.


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