01/15 1:55pm

Everything has been locked down the last few days, including me. There is a new threat to this city and more specificity to the Division. The worst storm in NY history rolled through here a few days ago, and with came what some are referring to as Hunters. Reports are coming in that these highly skilled, highly trained and highly equipped killers have been murdering agent all throughout the DZ. It’s not bad enough that there has been a rash of agent turning on each other now we have these demons to deal with. Not much is known about them. Some feel that they may be the personal kill squad of Aaron Keener. He is the agent who we now know started the revolt against the Division from within. Those agents that have been able to kill a hunter say they are vicious, murderous individuals who seem to take great pleasure in killing agents. They have even been seen wearing a string of dead agents watches as trophies of their kills. I have yet to encounter one of these butchers. Apparently breaking the jaw of a JTF soldier for mouthing off to you gets you a time out. Benitez babies those useless fucks way too much. It did keep me out of the storm so there is that.


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