01/03 5:15pm

I ran into some of these LMB rent a grunts today. It was just two guys on patrol. I refuse to call these jerk offs soldiers. They don’t deserve that respect. I was coming out of an ally when I heard one of them say, “sorry but orders are orders, I have to put you down”. I sprinted out just in time to see this pussy fuck shoot a stray dog. I pulled my pistol since it’s suppressed and put one in the knee of the dog killer and one in the brain stem of his buddy. Before Michael Vick could even start screaming I was on him. I stuffed my scarf half way down his throat and dragged him into the ally. No on needed to see this. I went at him slow, I took my time. He felt all of it. He felt all the pain of all the civilians I had seen killed for no reason. He felt all of my pain. Through his muffed screams, I think I heard him cry for his mother. I stood up and stared into his eyes as he bled out. I must really miss my dog.


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