01/02 10:40pm

Another day, another night and another pile of dead bodies. Jesus I thought we came here to help get things back in order not just kill people. I’ve decided to hunker down in a coffee shop for the night. Barricaded the rear exit so there is only one entry point. Should be fine for now. I was informed by Faye that they located the bodies of Lisa and Jacob today. They were found shot and beaten to death in a Subway tunnel.  There was no sign of Alan however they did recover his watch. Faye also told me there are rumors floating around about agents turning on each other, going rogue as she put it. I asked if she thought Alan was one of these rogue agents. All she said was, hopefully not. Hopefully he’s just dead. She’s normally not that chipper. Oddly enough I haven’t seen many other agents since I left Autumns Hope a few days ago. One of the JTF supply officers by the name of Private Jenson said that there had been an agent there a few days before me, a Baron or Aaron, something like that. Jenson said this agent just came in, restocked his ammo and asked if there had been any other agents there. Jenson told him not for a few days to which the agent just laughed and said good. I guess this guy really creeped Jenson out. What is going with us? Are we really killing each other now?


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