01/07 8:42pm

Faye sent me down into the Underground to seek out an LMB HVT who is trying pick up where Bliss left off. From the intel we have this piece of shit was instrumental in getting all the factions together in their search for Keener. My hope is that if I can find this guy I can aggressively convince him to tell me everything he knows about Keener’s whereabouts. I’ve been paired up with three other agents, John, Eric and a guy they just call Crow. Faye says they have been on the trail of this guy for a while now and they know their way around the Underground. I guess she forgot where I’ve been for the last year. I’ve looked into these three and they seem to be pretty solid agents. I met my new squad in the elevator heading down to the TOC. Laughing and shaking my hand Eric asked if I was “ready to get bloody”. “We’re covered in blood until we’re covered in our own blood”, I replied. The three just stared at me. This is going to be an interesting hunt.


01/01 11:26am

Intel has shown that the reason for this scumbag love fest in West Side Pier is because of Keener. Apparently everyone is gunning for this psychopath. Messages from Keener have been found all over the area. He is taunting us. He is daring us to find him. Faye told me to use any means necessary to find and eliminate Keener. Make no mistake, I will find you Aaron Keener. I will find you and I will kill you. That is a promise.

12/26 12:41pm

Faye has tasked me with hunting down street thugs. With all the faction leaders dead these street level scumbags have stepped up to fill the void. I get the idea of knocking me down to beat cop but I bet if I press the right buttons on a few of these pieces of shit I can find out where the bigger fish are. Maybe I can even get a line on Keener and Porter. Good thing the SHD gave me new boots for Christmas. Looks like I got some walking to do.

12/24 6:35pm

The look on Lau and Benitez’s face when I walked into the B.O.O. this evening was priceless. Neither one of them found my “Merry Christmas, it’s been a while” remotely funny. They had a lot of questions most of which I couldn’t or wouldn’t answer. Watching the video of my torture was in a way laughable. Truth be told I should be dead but what that video failed to show was the gun battle between Agents and Cleaners just outside the building I was in that cut short Keener’s night of fun. I explained how a group of civilians found me clinging to life, brought me to a civilian safe house deep with in the subway and with the help of a local Veterinarian basically saved my life. I had spent the last year helping these “Underground” people find supplies and stay out of harms way. News made its way down to us that all of the warring factions had started to work together out by the West Side Pier and something inside told me I needed to get back in the fight. Needless to say no one is entirely happy with me but at this point they need all of the help they can get. I asked Lau why they didn’t notice that the body dumped at the B.O.O. did have any of the tattoos documented in my file. “The JTF handled your autopsy so you tell me” she said. Benitez didn’t find it funny but I had a chuckle.

SHD Agent file 21084791: Final entry

Strategic Homeland Division

Agent file: 21084791

Final entry. 
Jackson Newton was found dead 02/21/2017 at 6:54am in front of the Base of Operations. His body was apparently dumped there in the middle of the night during the JTF security officer shift change. The autopsy report shows his death was do to blunt force trauma to the skull although there were also multiple gun shot and stab wounds. Defensive wounds also showed there was a major struggle prior to his death. A flash drive was found on his person with evidence showing he was killed by Arron Keener, Alan Porter and two unnamed Hunters. Although most of what is in the flash drive has been redacted we know that while staking out the apartment where Alan Porter was believed to be using as a safe house Keener, Porter and the two Hunters ambushed Newton. He was tortured for more than forty eight hours for information about the Divisions plans for the Dark Zone and what they knew about Keener. To the best of our knowledge no information was given. 

Jackson Newton was a superior agent and although his methods were some times questionable he always carried out his orders. Not having him in the field will be a great lose to the SHD. 
SHD Commander   

           Faye Lau

02/10 11:13pm 

The Intel I pulled out of Bluebird seemed to have panned out. I guess when you start breaking someone’s joints one at a time eventually they will tell you the truth. The apartment building where Bluebird said I would find Allen does show signs that someone has been living there. I must have just missed him because there was a smoldering cigarette on the floor. While I wait for his return I’m going to sit quietly and contemplate how exactly to end his miserable life. My time in Bolivia taught me a ton of ways to make people talk. Bluebird found this out and so will Allen. I will know how to find Keener by the time I’m done with him. I’m really going to enjoy our time together.